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Marketing and Added Value

Now you have learned a few things from Toni and Lisa about possible marketing channels for agricultural products. Now try to show the marketing channel with good regional added value using the terms below. If you click on the terms you will receive a short description which can help you to make your selection. In every step of the marketing channel there are advantages and disadvantages that are summarized at the end.

The marketing channel with good regional added value.





ProcessingDirect marketing: Farm shop, Regional marketAssociation of farmersConsumerProducer / agricultural operation

Here once again are the advantages and disadvantages of this marketing channel:

  • Strengths

    Wider selection of products and less effort for the farmers association. Better operational and regional added value possible.

  • Weaknesses

    A great deal of staff and logistical effort required. Only small amounts can be brought to market.

  • Opportunities

    Prices can be more easily negotiated. Dependencies can be reduced. Close proximity to consumers.

  • Risks

    Rising hygiene requirements when it comes to storage and processing. Regulations are subject to change.

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